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Pet Series

Surface Disinfectant & Odour Remover Spray


A wholesome solution that keeps your adorable pet’s home clean, healthy, safe and germ-free! Most effective in deodorising!

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Effectively eliminate germs from surfaces

(Laboratory Tested and Certified to Kill up to 99.9% Bacteria)
Laboratory tested and certified to effectively eliminate germs from surfaces and inhibit further bacteria growth.

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Tear-Free & Safe Licking

Safe for accidental consumption and used around the eyes, nose, ears and mouth area as it is tested to B. S EN 1040, JIS Z 2801 and Acute Oral Toxicity Study.

Strong Deodorising Effect (Poop Odour/ Urine Odour/Any Unpleasant Odour)

Active nanoparticles effectively decompose and deodorise odour molecules, keeps pet’s home sanitised and fresh.

Cat and human

No Rinsing Required (Rinse-Free Formula) & Protective Layer Formed

No rinsing is required after application – protective layer can be formed to repel fleas, ticks, insects and inhibit further bacteria growth.

Suitable for All Kinds of Surfaces

For example, fabrics, plastics, wood, metal, ceramic, and concrete. No colouring & no bleach, hence will not cause discolouration to surfaces, however, we recommend patch testing.

No synthetic fragrance, No colouring, No bleach, No Harsh Chemicals

All-natural properties, we do not use synthetic fragrance to cover bad odour, but instead we use active molecules to neutralise the bad odour.

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Direction of Use

For hard surfaces, spray directly onto surfaces and wipe with a clean damped cloth. No rinsing is required.

For fabrics, spray onto affected area as required and allow air dry.

(This product does not cause discolouration to surfaces, however, a patch testing is recommended.)


500 ml


10-15% Plant-derived Non-ionic Surfactants, Purified Water, F. Fatty Acids, Folic Acid, Minerals and Food Grade Fragrance.

Does not contain:






Ammonia and Colouring

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