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DD101 Dismiss Dust mite, Bed bug and Insect Disinfectant Spray
Household Series


Dust Mite, Bed Bug and Insect Disinfectant Spray


Your must-have product as a prevention and a cure to effectively eliminate dust mites, bed bugs and insects in your home.

For fabrics only*

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Effectively eliminates bed bugs and dust mites

This product effectively eliminates bed bugs and dust mites that are not visible to the human eyes in our beds, pillows and fabric surfaces at home.

Dismiss removes bed bugs
Dismiss removes bed bugs

Kills Bacteria by up to 99.9%

This product is laboratory tested and certified to be able to kill harmful bacteria by up to 99.9%.

Insect-repellent formula

This product comes with a unique property with effect to get rid of pests, e.g. cockroaches, houseflies, bed bugs etc, acting as an effective insect repellent on the surfaces after application.

Baby safe

Recommended Usage

Spray onto the affected area and allow air dry. Repeat application when necessary.

Due to the all-natural, non-drug properties of this product, there are no fixed instructions of the usage of this product, however, we recommend weekly application on your beds, mattresses, cushions, sofas for best effect.

Note: This product does not cause discolouration to your furniture, however, we recommend patch testing.


Less than 3% Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 5% F. Fatty Acids, Purified Water, Folic Acid, Minerals, Enzymes Derived from Edible and Seed Bearing Plants.

Dismiss Dust mite, bed bugs and insect disinfectant spray
DD101 Household full range

Sleep soundly every night with Dismiss now!

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