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DD101 d'spray instant stain remover
Personal Care Series


Multi-Purpose Personal Care Spray


A compact multi-purpose personal care spray to protect you from unexpected stains, odours and bacteria when you’re away from home.

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DD101 D'spray product

Non-toxic Instant Stain Removing

Removes tough stains such as: food, drinks, pen, wine, blood, coffee, tea, makeup, oil stains etc.

DD101 D'spray product
DD101 D'spray product

Non-toxic Odour Remover/Deodorizer

Remove bad odour within seconds with a fresh fruity scent!

DD101 D'spray product

All-Natural Disinfectant/Hand Sanitiser

Spray on hands and surfaces, e.g, in public bathrooms, baby chairs, mobile phones, planes, trains & any surface you come in contact with!

Laboratory tested and certified – kills bacteria by up to 99.9% and inhibits the growth of bacteria continuously.

DD101 D'spray product
DD101 D'spray product

Direction of Use

D’spray’s efficiency in stain removal is enhanced with the help of water.

For Stain Removing

Spray onto affected area & rub or wipe with a damped cloth.
Recommended to add some water onto affected area to increase stain removing efficiency.

For Odour Removing

Spray onto the affected area as required.

For Disinfecting Personal Belongings / Area of Contact

Spray onto affected area & wipe with a wet cloth.


5-10% Plant-derived Non-ionic Surfactants, Less than 5% F. Fatty acids, Purified Water, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Folic Acids, Acetic Acids, Minerals, Food Grade Natural Flavour, and Enzymes derived from Edible Seed Bearing Plants.

holding d'spray
DD101 D'spray product

Your portable go-to stain and odour remover keeps travelling at ease!

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