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DD101 Detect Floor Cleaning Solution

Household Series


Floor Cleaning Solution

1 Litre

The most effective and economical solution for floor cleaning such as surfaces like: ceramic, marble, parquet and wood flooring.

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Active Nano Molecules

The extremely small active nano molecules in this floor cleaning solution is able to wash away germs, dirt, stains, chemicals, grime and grease.

Detect floor cleaner
using detect to clean floor

No pungent smell and toxic
air pollutants produced

We spend almost 90% of our lifetime in our home. Unlike chemical-based floor cleaners, cleaning your home with Detect does not produce pungent smell and toxic air pollutants that harm your health inside your home.

Rinse-free & Insect-Repellent Formula

This floor cleaner is formulated to be a rinse-free and insect-repellent formula. A protective layer is formed on your floor surface after using our floor cleaner that is able to get rid of ants, cockroaches, houseflies, etc harmful pests. Say goodbye to cockroaches lying around especially!

Benefits of the wastewater after mopping

After mopping, the wastewater could be poured into drains and toilet bowls to deter pests OR poured into potted plants to enhance plant growth.

using detect to clean floor

Direction of Use

Step 1

Use 4 capfuls to half pail (approx. 10 litres) of water for the FIRST time mopping.

Step 2

Use 2 capfuls for to half pail (approx. 10 litres) of water for subsequent mopping.


20-30% Plant-derived Non-ionic Surfactants, Purified Water, F. Fatty Acids, Sodium Bicarbonate, Acetic Acid, Coconut Oil, Enzymes Derived from Edible and Seed Bearing Plants and Food Grade Fragrance.

Detect Floor Cleaning Solution
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Be worry-free wherever you walk at home! Try out Detect now!

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