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DD101 Delight Fruits and Vegetables Wash

Household Series


Fruits and Vegetables Wash


Your best solution to protect you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and other chemicals on your fruits and vegetables.

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Active Nano molecules wash away pesticides, chemicals etc.

The extremely small active Nano molecules in DELIGHT washes away germs, dirt, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical and grime.
Most importantly the waxy-preservative on the surface of the fruit which is not entirely water-soluble.

Delight Vegetable Cleaner
Cleaning fruits

Kill up to 99.9% bacteria

Best part? It can effectively kill various bacteria by up to 99.9%, with those harmful to human beings like E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus etc.

Laboratory tested and certified

This product is tested in TUV Singapore on its efficiency to remove pesticides and killing up to 99.9% bacteria.

Easy Spray Method

Cost-effective & easy usage. Just spray, rub and rinse!

DD101 Delight Fruits and Vegetables wash

Direction of Use

Step 1

Rinse the vegetables/fruits with water.

Step 2

Spray Delight onto fruits & vegetables.

Step 3

Gently rub It under running water/ a bowl of water.

Step 4

Rinse vegetables and fruits thoroughly.


Less than 3% Plant-derived Non-ionic Surfactants, Purified Water, Food Grade Natural Flavour, F. Fatty Acids, Coconut Oil, Sugarcane Ethanol, Folic Acid, Minerals and Enzymes Derived from Edible and Seed Bearing Plants.

Using Delight
Full DD-101 household range

Enjoy the benefits of fruits & vegetables without any worries. Try out Delight now!

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