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We strongly believe that

Prevention is better than cure.

We promote healthy living and save the environment. It’s a dirty world. Let’s clean it up!


What do we mean at
DD-101 when we say

Our ingredients are on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’’s GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) List. It is totally non-toxic, hence, due to this safety factor, no warning label of any kind is required by any Federal, State or Municipal agency.

There is no warning on DD-101 product labels to keep it out of reach of children. It is absolutely safe and harmless to humans and pets of any age, even if it is ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Our products are laboratory tested and certified to B.S EN 1040, JIS Z 2801 and Acute Oral Toxicity Study, which has certified that there is no toxicity of any level to be incurred if the solution is accidentally ingested, hence, making it extremely safe to humans and animals.

Our products have been in the marketplace since 2012 and are gaining popularity in the MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and environmentally conscious community.

Strictly Tested & Certified

We care about you and the planet.

Considering the damage inflicted on life and the planet by harsh cleaners and solvents, we strive to design formulas and build healthy habits to keep you, your loved ones and the planet safe and sound.

Together with DD-101, not only are you reducing your exposure to toxin chemicals, but you are also taking part in a project together to prevent further environmental contamination.

Our products are developed using nanotechnology, and we ensure quality in the products we deliver.

With DD-101 non-toxic, baby-safe and biodegradable products, together, we can achieve a healthier home and a better tomorrow.

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of the world
is living below the poverty level

Medical treatment is beyond their reach. Yet thanks to us, they are contracting all kinds of diseases as we the affluent discharge, pre effluents into the air. How could we replace pesticides that ultimately made their way to our bodies through the food we take? How to depend less on the harmful chemicals that have now become an inevitable part of our lives?

What is DD-101?

DD-101 natural cleaning solution is a unique, proprietary blend of plant-derived ingredients that are :













It’s a dirty world,
let’s clean it up!

DD-101 solution can replace dozens of hazardous chemical cleaners and solvents, including kitchen cleaner, toilet cleaner, disinfectant, germicide, bactericide, mosquitocide, floor polisher, fruit fresher, pesticide, personal care products like stain removing, odour removing, personal hygiene disinfectant sprays and pet care products that are chemical-based etc. And even more, by using DD-101, you are helping to prevent further environmental contamination.

about us science
about us technology

Keeping you and your loved ones

Safe & Sound

DD-101 cleaning products does not contain







Harmful Detergents

Ozone-depleting Substances

Petroleum Distillates

Amazing Nanotechnology makes it possible to convert the extracts of natural plants into an amazingly powerful, yet surprisingly mild and gentle solution that break down oil, grease, grime, stains and other hydrocarbons which comprise almost all cleaning challenges.


The way it works

Based on the amazing new Technology, DD-101 utilizes submicroscopic particle which is measured only at about 2-4nm in size and creating an energy field of negative-negative ions. It works by actually penetrating and breaking up oil molecules into soluble, biodegradable components.

about us technology

When applying DD-101 onto the organic substance (dirt and grime particles for example) which comprises hydrocarbon particles measuring in size at about 50-100 times larger compared to the DD-101’s molecule, the very tiny active molecule clusters come into contact with a hydrocarbon molecule.

The center of the molecule bonds to a similar hydrophobic hydrocarbon. It disrupts the attraction to other hydrocarbon molecules and/or to the surface. The action of a single molecule cluster is multiplied by billions of other molecule clusters. The molecular level emulsification process penetrates highly viscous and sticky materials, lifting them from the surface to which they adhere.

Facts to Bear in Mind

This amazing product DD-101 was originally developed for use in cleaning up the massive oil spills that frequently ravage the world’s oceans and coastlines.

Users are reporting “unlimited” benefits of the solution, using it to replace hundreds of toxic chemicals for virtually every imaginable application. Considering the damage inflicted on life and the planet by harsh cleaners and solvents, DD-101 represents one of the exceptional advances toward environmental preservation and restoration.

DD-101 natural cleaning solution cleans anything and everything that’s washable.
It can be used in virtually every cleaning situation imaginable. In most cases, DD-101 natural cleaning solution outperforms toxic solvents, detergents, and cleaning products that it replaces. From household use (kitchen, bathroom, floor cleaning, dishwashing, etc.) to personal care to commercial and industrial applications, toxin-free DD-101 does it all and does best.

It is the clear choice for people who have understood the short – and long-term dangers of constant exposure to the toxic cleaners that have been in widespread use up until now.
Bugs of all kinds avoid areas upon which the solution has been applied, indicating that it may form the basis for the first truly safe class of insecticides.

Baby safe

Even though DD-101 products are strong enough to be able to dissolve hard engine grease, it is still safe enough to wash a baby!

DD-101 comes with an amazing property of insect repelling.

It is true that DD-101 is able to kill many types of insects, but it is NOT poisonous to them. Rather, it affects their shells (exoskeleton). This is because an insect’s exoskeleton is composed of oil-based molecules, DD-101’s colloidal micelle action has the same effect on it as it would on any other oil or grease molecule. It dissolves it. As mammals are not oil-based, but rather aqueous (water)-based, DD-101 is absolutely harmless to humans and animals.

Document Library

DD-101 Material safety data sheet (MSDS)


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